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Young Businesswoman

WiBA is not another course. It is a game changing monthly business club and virtual community of determined and plucky career women and business owners.

Give yourself the greatest opportunity to triumph
in your career and business.

You don’t need to ride the super highway alone.

Club members are like minded and purposeful women who influence and encourage each other to greater heights and support each other when things don’t go according to plan, which happens from time to time.

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Quick Questions:

What will I have access to as a club member?

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Women in Business Association is a dynamic online community of women in careers and business owners.


It is a membership platform designed to support, empower and inspire business women all over the world. WiBA upskills and mentors professionals, while we maintain a keen understanding of the multi-faceted lives and careers of working women.


WiBA helps you to create business success while enjoying a more satisfying, fulfilling personal and professional life.

Business women that become members have access to:

  • Professional insights from industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

  • A growing base of supportive professionals that are invested in your success.

  • A listening ear from women that can provide interesting and innovative perspectives on your challenges and obstacles.

  • A platform of accountability that enables you to set and achieve progressive goals.

  • Personal and professional content that inspires, guides, and contributes positively to every aspect of your life.

  • Subject matter experts.

  • A number of regular events that are designed to help you to stay inspired and motivated.


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I love my WiBA group and the support. The greatest benefit to WiBA are the different challenges and how we assist each other to overcome these. The masterclass on how to sell online was very helpful.


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After every session, I have shared the knowledge with my team and implemented the tools into my business. We have changed our sales language, our website and advertising boards with the knowledge I have gained from masterclasses.  I initially did not know where the business was and the WHY.  I know now and WiBA has given me an orderly mind.


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I needed vision and its scary how through my vision board, many of my goals and dreams actually realised. It was a WOW for me and things fell into place. The masterclasses made me stop to think – I practised mindfulness. I can see the difference in my focus and energy. WiBA is a journey, the tips and tools spoke to my passion which I am still unpacking.


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I loved the bootcamp on understanding your customer. I have been so busy chasing my tail, so I love the meetings as I take away so much. I’ve become more accountable and WiBA has helped me channel my focus. The profiling was very beneficial.


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Looking back, the bootcamp put my year in perspective.  Every interaction gave me pearls of wisdom, which reinforced what I knew and helped me to implement. This is a group of amazing ladies.


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I enjoyed the succession planning and neuro pricing workshops. But my case study presented to the group was the most brilliant thing I have ever done.  You helped me to consider elements I had not considered, especially the risks to my business plan.


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I love the meetings and the camaraderie.  It has given me confidence. The women only interaction has been non-threatening. I took a lot away from the masterclass on succession planning presented by PwC.


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The sales masterclass was significant and impactful and the Business transition workshop gave me insight to plan for exit now.



I don't feel alone anymore. These women are experiencing the same career challenges as me.