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Professional Attending a Seminar

As a Club Member

Here's what you get

As a club member, here’s what you get annually:

Goals: Stay on track. Punch those goals! Set and report monthly.
Monthly reporting: Feed back on the previous month and plan for the next. Be accountable for your actions, behaviours, performance and decisions.
Masterclasses: Learn beyond your field from professional subject matter experts.
Biz case studies: Be courageous! Get advice and feedback for new ideas or challenges or test your strategy.
Java Café: Build community and connection.
Registration to virtual Annual Conference: Meets experts and influencers, be inspired, and energised. (excludes travel and catering)

As a club member, here’s what you will hone and master:

Mental strength: Build agility. Rewire your brain. Unlock potential. Examine beliefs and replace negative thoughts.
Critical thinking: Innovate. Analyse objectively. Evaluate skill.
Problem solving: Share solutions to common issues. Learn other ways to think. Develop communication skills.
Gain confidence: A no judgement safe space. Positive reinforcement for all areas of your life.
Group learning: Up your game and thrive in a tribe.
Business relevant content: Learn hard and soft skills.


I love my WiBA group and the support. The greatest benefit to WiBA are the different challenges and how we assist each other to overcome these. The masterclass on how to sell online was very helpful.

- Ekta 

Smiling Business Woman _edited.jpg

I loved the bootcamp on understanding your customer. I have been so busy chasing my tail, so I love the meetings as I take away so much. I’ve become more accountable and WiBA has helped me channel my focus. The profiling was very beneficial.

- Sharon

Small Business Owner_edited.jpg

I love the meetings and the camaraderie.  It has given me confidence. The women only interaction has been non-threatening. I took a lot away from the masterclass on succession planning presented by PwC.

- Francis

What you need to bring:

  • Be fully present.

  • Attend. Attend. Attend. Club members have access to meeting dates for a full year in advance – its is important to attend so add these to your diary and plan around your commitment. Meeting times are mostly at 15.00 SAST, 9.00 EST, 14.00 GMT

  • Good connectivity is important - everything we do is virtual.

View different Types of Club Membership here.

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