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#WiBAVoices Charting New Paths: Hephzibah Rajah's Journey to Advocacy and Empowerment

A headshot of advocate Hephzibah Rajah

Image source: Powerful Women

In a world where perseverance and passion intersect, WiBA member Hephzibah Rajah stands as a beacon of resilience and empowerment. With a diverse career that spans law, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and pastoral work, Hephzibah's story is not just about breaking barriers but also about building bridges—between her profession, her passions, and her personal life.

A Foundation in Law and Advocacy

Hephzibah's journey began at the National University of Lesotho, where she earned her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree. Admitted to the Johannesburg Society of Advocates in 2010, she has practiced across various branches of law including administrative, constitutional, corporate, commercial, labor, competition, and tax law. Her appearances in high courts, the Supreme Court of Appeal, and other significant legal platforms mark her as a formidable presence in a field still dominated by men.

Confronting Challenges in a Male-Dominated Field

Despite the accolades and achievements, Hephzibah's path has been fraught with the typical challenges faced by women in law. She speaks candidly about the stereotypes that suggest the legal profession is better suited to men, fostered by peers and clients alike. Yet, Hephzibah has never shied away from asserting her place and voice, even when it meant losing work. Her ethos is simple yet powerful:

"Work hard, and your product will speak for you."

A Voice for the Voiceless

Beyond the courtroom, Hephzibah uses her voice in various arenas. As a pastor and wellness coach, she integrates her legal acumen with her spiritual and holistic beliefs to advocate for women's success and well-being. Her commitment extends to authoring books and speaking at conferences, where she empowers women to see and realise their potential.

Empowering Women through Vision and Action

Hephzibah has hosted an annual women's conference and has also launched her own book, Visionary Woman. The event, themed #SeeHerBeHer, is a transformative experience, that offered attendees the opportunity to engage in creating vision boards to map out and actualise their dreams.

Balancing Professional and Personal Life

As a mother, Hephzibah navigates the dual demands of her professional and personal life with grace and determination. She believes in nurturing future leaders who value the power of unity and gender synergy. Her role as a parent has instilled in her a profound sense of purpose—to positively shape lives and challenge societal norms concerning gender roles and motherhood in the professional sphere.

Vision for the Future

Hephzibah's aspirations extend beyond personal achievements; she aims to inspire women across South Africa to overcome adversity and see themselves as victors, not victims. Her advice is resonant and timely:

perfect your craft, build beneficial networks, and maintain a strong, positive self-image.

Hephzibah Rajah's story is a vivid illustration of what it means to live a life fuelled by passion and purpose. Her multifaceted career and impactful initiatives highlight her as a significant figure in the Women in Business Association, motivating all to strive for excellence and equity in every field of endeavour.

Follow her journey and many more as we continue our "WiBA Voices: Stories of Inspiration" series. Engage with us on our social media platforms and share how you are making a difference in your world using #WiBAVoices. Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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