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What makes great teams great – high performers instinctively succeeding together is a myth

Partner & Managing Director at Lockstep, Anne Hartslief delivered a fantastic Masterclass to WiBA members this month.

With high tempo, Anne shared statistics and research on ‘What makes great teams great – high performers instinctively succeeding together is a myth and immediately dived in to get us thinking about the difference between a workgroup and a team. There were some immediate realisations that at times we mix these up and that managing should be different as they are definitely not the same.

Anne asked us to consider WHY our teams exist and to answer without thinking – this was a challenging. Many people divert directly to the organisations purpose. This however, is not the team why.

You need to ask yourself the absolute REASON for this team, at this time and in THIS season. And the current reason does not have to be the reason forever.

We discussed high performers who are often individual players masquerading as team players, although subtlety. A super interesting discussion ensued about rewarding high performers as individuals or as team members or both. High performers like to compete and we discussed whether they make great team players.

Anne shared real workable insights and asked questions and led discussions which required a lot of thought. Lockstep works exclusively with CEOs, executive teams and future leaders and the leadership of your organisation matters to them. Caring deeply about their clients their skilled leadership practitioners ensure that they deliver the leadership impact and solutions you need.

Want to be a part of Masterclasses like this? Find out more about exclusive WiBA membership here, or apply for monthly membership here.

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